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Case Studies April 16, 2019

National Trust - Cissbury Ring

  1. National Trust - Cissbury Ring

    National Trust - Cissbury Ring

    The project required minimal disturbance, long lasting, Clipex standards, XHT8-80-22, barbed Site: Sussex
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  2. National Trust - Out With The Old In With The New

    National Trust - Out With The Old In With The New

    Nothing is as constant as change.  The National Trust needed a change, they required a product to supersede and replace their failing existing fence.  The original fence had stood for over...
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  3. Network Rail - Clipex

    Network Rail - Clipex

    Specification: Railway/Cattle X knot fence Erected by Contractors & lineside Engineers. Materials used: Clipex 11 clip standards and Beefys. StaYfast strainers, X knot wire netting Location: York
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  4. FAQs


    What is UC4 Timber? McVeigh Parker UC4 products are manufactured using only redwoods treated at a moisture content of 28% or less. The solution strength of the presentative is significantly...
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  5. Barclays Launches ‘Farm The Future’ Campaign

    Barclays Launches ‘Farm The Future’ Campaign

    We here at McVeigh Parker love farming, but recent statistics have revealed that a love for the long-held British profession is dwindling - especially amongst young people. Studies conducted by...
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