Think a steel trough is just for the delights of farm animals? Then think again! Here are just 5 reasons why a galvanised steel trough from McVeigh Parker makes the perfect garden planter…

Strong and robust

Our metal troughs are made of tough, fully galvanised steel to BS EN ISO 1461 standards. This makes it the perfect material to withstand both the weight of a fully planted trough and the rusting deterioration all too commonly seen with similar yet inferior planters.

Contemporary design

As well as adding strength, their rolled top edges and sheet steel galvanised structure give it strong lines and a sleek and streamlined metallic finish that would look just at home on a balcony in Clapham as a cottage garden in the Cotswolds.

Adaptable to different looks

Although very shiny when new, they will soon dull down with age and become a very soft grey look. Alternatively, you can accelerate the process of giving it a rustic, aged look, by using toilet cleaner and a wire brush (see various websites on ageing galvanised steel for guidelines). Or you could add some distinctive effects with gloss paint. The design options are endless!


Why not add ready-made concrete supports made to carry and suit our standard range of troughs. These provide a strong support at a convenient height for planting and weeding, and the added height prevents pests from reaching your plants. Apart from planters, galvanised troughs have many alternative uses such as water features, hay or willow soakers, as bulk water storage for large gardens and allotments, and for rainwater collection.     

Striking display with minimal effort

With much ease and little time, you will have created a focal point admired throughout the year with minimal upkeep and maximum effect.

Need a steel trough to suit your garden? Browse our selection of planters or contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help!

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