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Clipex All Steel Fencing

This revolutionary all steel fencing solution will save you time and money and deliver a fence with a service life in excess of 30 years. Guaranteed. 

  • 50% quicker - than traditional fencing methods
  • Stronger - made of 450 grade high tensile steel with an added backing plate at ground level
  • Easier - simply push the wire in to the clip and it is attached
  • Cheaper - than timber methods over the lifetime of the fence
  • Longer - guaranteed service life of 30 years.

clipex postsNot just any ordinary all-steel post!

Clipex std and beefyClipex Pasture Post - The Clipex pasture post is a 1.5m long 4 clip post designed for single line fences. It can also be used for permanent electric fencing systems, line wire, barbed wire or rabbit fencing.

Clipex Eco Post - The Clipex Eco post is an entry level post suitable for most hinge jointed 8/80/15 & 30 stock fences. It can also be used for permanent electric fencing and rabbit fencing uses.

Clipex Standard Post - The Clipex Standard post is a 1.8m long 11 clip, thicker gauge post than the Eco which offers greater strength and longevity.

Clipex Beefy Post - The Clipex Beefy post was specifically designed to add ground holding and extra strength to your fence line. They can be used to strengthen slight bends up to 15 degrees or in combination with standard posts to add strength where needed.

Clipex Rock Post - The Clipex Standard Rock post is a 1.4m long 11 clip post specifically designed for installing over rocks or concrete. It is for use with 8/80 stock fence mesh patterns but can also be used for permanent electric fencing, line wire, barbed wire or rabbit fencing uses.

Clipex Railway / Cattle Post - The Clipex Cattle/Railway Standard post is a 2.0m long 13 clip post specifically designed for railway boundaries, however it’s added height makes it suitable for cattle/dog fencing also. Also available in a Beefy option.

Clipex Deer Post - The Clipex Deer Standard post is a 3.0m long 14 clip post, designed specifically for all X fence 13/190 deer or boar fence patterns with one line of barbed, plain or electric above. Also available in a Beefy option.

Triple X Fencing

triple x

Triple X Fencing solution from McVeigh Parker, is the name we give to a combination of the best performing innovative products, that are the answer to providing you with a long-lasting effective fence - Clipex all steel post, X fence premium wire netting and Triple X fencing strainers. Triple X Fencing solution is a long-life permanent fencing system – the quick clip steel post coupled with X fence premium stiffstay wire netting, steel strainers and a choice of either barbed, line or electric wire are quite simply an agricultural fencing system like no other, offering real returns on investment, up to 50% lifetime cost savings can be achieved.