extreme fencing

Clipex, the all steel fencing system is now in its third year of sales it’s certainly proving its pedigree by making a stand in the countryside.

The terrain does not change and the challenges are still there. Clipex cannot change the environment but it can help landscape the future of fencing in the UK, which it is doing.

A recent project that McVeigh Parkers’ Stuart Mills assisted and demonstrated at, confirmed the limits that Clipex and the premium X fence netting can achieve.

The challenge 

Experienced contractors Robert Milne and Richard Puzey were new to Clipex and skeptical as to its limitations. They chose the most challenging Dorset terrain to trial a 250m section and were soon to be very impressed.

The chalk and very flinty ground was very steep and undulating and not suitable for tractors and post drivers. All the materials had to be manually laid out and manually driven in. The only areas that a post knocker was used, was rock spiking then driving in the strainers,otherwise a handheld petrol driver was used to drive in all the standard and Beefy posts.

Contractor comments  

Robert said ”We were very impressed with speed of installing posts with the handheld petrol driver, especially in such hard ground, posts drove easily, in around 10 secs. The steep ground conditions meant our machinery was not an option. We would have had to install everything by hand, that would include manually carrying and driving in timber posts.

Clipex portability made it very easy to lay out the posts in hard to access landscape. Clipex enabled us to put in a goods days work, but finish the job. Using timber and manually driving the stakes would have taken us up to three days to do the same job.

Ground holding of the posts against upward tension in extremely undulating ground, was just a matter of driving home a beefy post which would act as an anchor and prevent any upward lift normally this would have entailed us using and digging in anchor blocks. Then there was the ease and speed of attaching the netting and barbed wire to the posts, no stapling required. We certainly tested this system to its limits. Clipex offers the longevity, any alternative traditional or new products would struggle to compete.

We were also both impressed that 300m of fencing arrived on back of a standard pick up. We shall be using Clipex again“

Products used 

  • Fence type - XHT8-80-22 X Fence, alu/zinc coated long life wire netting
  • Base line - 2.5 high tensile heavily galvanized line wire
  • Top lines - 2no. Lines of 2.0mm High tensile twin strand barbed wire 
  • Clipex posts - Clipex 1.8m Standard 11 clip post c/w anti lift plate every 4.5m
  • Clipex 2.0m Beefy 11 clip posts, used at points of pressure
  • Strainers - 2no. StaYfast end strainer assemblies & 2no. StaYfast 2 way strainer assembly.

Storyboard of the day

1.  Installing staYfast strainers, ends and two way
1a1 b1 c1 d1 e
2.  Tying off barb and netting
2 a2b
3.  Set marker line and beefys at strategic dips and angles, then infill with standards at 4.5m centres in challenging terrain
4.  X fence netting applied, then the barbed wire was pulled down to clip in
      4a        4b
5.  All netting and barbed wire clipped
     5a        5b        5c        5d
6.  Beefy Clipex posts installed in key areas strengthen the fence
     6a        6b
7.  The finished fence!
    finished fence