Please note - price shown is per unit. This product is only available for purchase online with a minimum order quantity of 100 units.

Clipex Standard Post 1.8m

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  • 1.8m long (1100mm fence height)
  • 11 clips for X knot 8-80 stock fence plus 2 strands barbed wire & bottom line
  • 50% quicker to erect, 50% cheaper & lasts over 30 years*

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About product

The Clipex Standard post is a 1.8m long 11 clip post, thicker gauge than the Eco which means it offers greater strength and longevity.

This eleven clip post will suit X fence 8/80 premium long life wire netting and the more budget friendly Forge Knot stock fence. All eight lines of wire will be clipped, with two rows of barbed, electric or plain above, plus one row of plain or barbed wire as a base line. It can also be used for permanent electric fencing, line wire, barbed wire or rabbit fencing.

For specific Clipex post spacing information, scroll down the page and take a look at our Clipex Post Spacings PDF.

Don’t forget - Clipex electric insulators can be added anytime to a clip that does not have a line on it, or simply add a Clipex cap.

Clipex features

  • Longevity – Minimum 30 year service life
  • Clipex Fencing Solution – 50% quicker to erect.
  • Surprisingly cost effective – Over 50% cheaper life time costs achieved
  • fitted with anti-lift plates and strengthening backing plate.

Post specification

  • Length : 1.8m
  • Weight: 3.24kg
  • In ground depth: 700mm (giving desired fence height of 1100mm)
  • Profile: 44mm x 35mm
  • Thickness: 3.0mm
  • Coating: 600grm galvanised zinc coating
  • Tensile strength: 520-620 N/mm2

What wire is compatible?

We suggest using the following wire netting with this post –

  • X fence Stock Fence XHT8-80-30
  • X fence Stock Fence XHT8-80-15
  • X fence Stock Fence XHT8-80-22
  • Forge Knot Stock Fence FHT8-80-15
  • Forge Knot Stock Fence FHT8-80-22
  • Forge Knot Stock Fence FHT8-80-30

If you plan on using your own brand of wire please check clip spacings before ordering.  (McVeigh Parker will not be liable if after erection the wire is found not to suit the posts.)

Please note - price shown is per unit. This product is only available for purchase online with a minimum order quantity of 100 units. To purchase 100 or more units, please enter the quantity you are wanting to order in the QTY box. The total amount will be updated at the checkout. Smaller quantities are available for collection in branch.