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Cutting & Joining

When erecting a fence you need tools which make the job as straightforward as possible! Our cutting and joining tools have been selected for the DIY enthusiast and professional workman alike. We have kits and individual tools for tensioning, wire cutting and netting. Our full Gripple contractor bag seal is the ideal purchase for anyone looking to install solid and secure fencing.

All of our tools are of high-quality make and design. They have been carefully selected by our team as the best tools for the job to help your efficiency and productivity. We also have clips and other accessories which work alongside our tools for a professional installation.

If you have any questions regarding out cutting or joining tools then feel free to get in touch with a member of McVeigh Parker’s expert team. We keep a huge range of products in stock at our depots across the country so you can get your tools when you need them.

Gripple Plus Wire Joiner A152M £ 156.00 each
£ 0.80 each
£ 1.49 each
£ 0.62 each
£ 1.58 each
Staples - 20kg bag FX211M £ 37.80 each
£ 35.70 each
£ 35.70 each
Strainrite Crimp Sleeves A134M £ 22.33 each
£ 99.82 each
£ 18.52 each
£ 16.58 each
£ 16.58 each