FG1 – Fencing line wire/barbed wire - Increase 58.5% - NOW £6.34 Mtr

Line or barbed wire fence on timber or steel posts


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FG2 – Sheep netting - Increase 58.5% - NOW £7.47 Mtr

Wire netting, steel or timber posts, barbed or plain wire


Shop Wire Netting, Steel Posts, Timber Posts, Barbed Wire and Plain Wire


FG3 – Permanent Electric fencing - Increase 15.5% - NOW £5.66 Mtr

Mains energiser, 4 line wires on timber or steel posts, insulators


Shop Electric Fence Energisers, Steel Posts, Timber Posts and Insulators


FG4 – Rabbit fencing supplement - Increase 126% - NOW £5.65 Mtr

1.2mm (18g0 Hex wire, 2.65mm Spring or HT wire , fitted to current or new fence.


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FG5 – Fencing supplement – difficult sites - Increase 220% - NOW £3.98 Mtr

Used in conjunction with F1,F2,F3, F7,F8,F9



FG7 – Anti-predator fencing - Increase 23.96% - NOW £13.76 Mtr

Needs suitable fence buried 25cm and 1m above ground plus 6 electric – design needs to be agreed with Natural England – possibly similar to RSPB spec.


Find out more about Predator Fencing


FG8 – Anti-predator temporary e/fencing - decrease -0.3% - NOW £2.84 Mtr

set wires at 5cm (live), 15cm (earthed), and then with alternate live and earthed wires set at 10cm intervals up to a height of 1.1m, with an additional live wire at 1.5m

wires held by extended insulators

a multi-strand top wire coloured white (to increase its visibility to deer and birds)


Find out more about Predator Fencing


FG9 – Deer fencing - Increase 42.64% - NOW £10.27 Mtr

Deer fencing as set out by https://www.forestresearch.gov.uk/publications/forest-fencing/ May also include steel or timber posts.


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FG10 – Temporary deer fencing Increase 55.57% - NOW £8.09 Mtr

meets the specifications set out in the table below (and in the Forestry Commission practice note


Find out more about Predator Fencing


FG11 – Deer exclosure plot/unit 16sq mtr – Increase 56.2% - NOW £212.56

Deer fencing as set out by https://www.forestresearch.gov.uk/publications/forest-fencing/ May also include steel or timber post. plot that is at least 1.5m high by 4m by 4m, or as agreed with your local deer officer


Find out more about Predator Fencing


FG12 – Wooden field gate set - Increase 25.62%- NOW £489.90

Wooden gates, posts, fittings, quick mix and wings


Shop Wooden Gates, Wooden Gate Posts, Wooden Gate Post Fittings and Quick Mix


FG14 – Badger gate - Decrease – 54.2% - NOW £61.81

States timber, challenge why steel can’t be used!


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FG16 - Deer pedestrian gate / gate - Increase 75% - NOW £475.44

Deer fencing and gates as set out by https://www.forestresearch.gov.uk/publications/forest-fencing/


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FG17 - Deer vehicle gate / gate - Increase 117.5% NOW £749.63

Min gate width 3mtr - Deer fencing and gates as set out by https://www.forestresearch.gov.uk/publications/forest-fencing/


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LV1 - Cattle grid / item Increase 244.7% NOW £2,878.80

agree a specification for the works with Natural England in year 1 of the agreement.


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LV5 - Pasture pumps and pipework / pump Increase 34.5% NOW £290.63

Pasture pumps, treated timber support post, plastic paver hard standing, geotextile


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LV7 - Livestock drinking troughs / trough Increase 39% NOW £152.92

Trough is made of galvanised steel, or concrete, GRC, or polyethylene. Ball valve and service box and complies with BS3445. No size specified on grant.


Shop Livestock Drinking Troughs


LV8 - Pipework for livestock troughs / m Increase 24.9% NOW £3.31 mtr

25mm OD min, MDPE water pipe , pipe fittings https://www.gov.uk/countryside-stewardship-grants/pipework-associated-with-livestock-troughs-lv8

Shop Pipes


BC3 - Crop protection (BEAVER) fencing mesh and wire

for permanent crops / m - NOW £3.20 Mtr

Hex wire 31mm x 1.2mm, 2.65mm spring steel.



BC4 - Tree guard post and wire / tree guard (BEAVER protection)- NOW £84.00 e

Involves welded mesh 0.9m x 50 x 50, plus timber stakes


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RP13 Yard-underground drainage pipework / m NOW £2.02 Mtr

Underground pipe and associated fittings


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RP16 Rainwater goods / m NOW £11.55 Mtr

Guttering and associated fittings


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RP17 Storage tanks underground / cubic m Increase 26.2% NOW £441.98 Cubic Mtr

GRP or pre-cast concrete underground tank – no size specified


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RP18 Above ground tanks / cubic m decrease -26.6% NOW £73.34 Cubic Mtr

Above ground water storage tanks, no size or material specified.


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TE7 Tree guard – post and rail / guard Increase 84.2% NOW £109.64

Post and rail, stock fence, barbed wire








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