DeBarber Barb Remover Tool Mk2

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  • Fast, easy, barb removal tool
  • Manufactured stainless steel cast body
  • Suitable for 1.6 -2.0mm HT Barbed Wire

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New and improved mk2 model! Strong cast stainless steel metal body, simple to use. Align the fixed side wheel slot with the rotating wheel slot, slide your barbed wire in the central slot down to the keyway which holds your barbed wire in place. Then hold the fixed wheel side and rotate the opposite wheel which will engage with the ferrules, as you rotate the barbs will unwind. Once the barbed has unwound simple pull out the twin strand from the central keyway.

Fast, Easy, Barb Removal Tool

For use when

  • Joining Barbed Wire
  • Using Gripple wire joiners or crimps
  • When using Barbed wire on CLIPEX fence posts
  • Tying off at ends

* Please note —this tool will not remove barbs from mild steel barbed wire

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