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Deso Storage Tanks and Dispensers from Deso Engineering

Deso Engineering British made tanks are a market leader in the design and production of tanks, liquid and dispensing containers all of which comply with UK safety regulations. Their range includes bunded oil storage tanks, single skin storage tanks, fuel dispensers and water storage tanks. All Deso tanks comply with the latest European standards and provide cost effective solutions to domestic, commercial and agricultural storage and dispensing requirements. They are manufactured from high grade polyethylene and are corrosion resistant, have high impact strength and the latest UV stabilisation packages.

Our DESO tanks come with FREE delivery, manufacturers 10 year guarantee and a 1 year pump guarantee.

Deso bunded tanks and dispensers  bunded tanks

Did you know that regulations are in place so that only bunded tanks can be used for oil storage at industrial, commercial and institutional properties such as hospitals schools and factories? 

A bunded tank simply put is a tank within a tank, which means that in the event of the inner tank overflowing or leaking, the outer tank will contain the contents. This type of tank is not only suitable for locations previously mentioned, but is a must when situating a tank within 10metre of a water course or main drain. Subject to location a firewall may also be required. They are available in a range of profiles and sizes.

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Deso single skin tanks single skin tanks

Single skin tanks are available in a range of profiles and sizes. As the name suggests, unlike bunded tanks they are one single tank and therefore do not come with the security of the double layer bunded tanks which is a consideration if using for domestic fuel storage. However these single skin tanks are ideal for water storage, available in potable and non potable, ideal for rain water harvesting. 

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diesel dispenser

Deso bunded fuel dispensers 

With the ever increasing fines for spillage, safety issues and security, oil companies are insisting on safe filling up points for their drivers. There is no need for brick piers with our fuel dispensing tanks, they can be installed at ground level making it easy for clean, safe filling and dispensing of fuel. All tanks come with an overspill device and floatation gauge, additional extras, such as cube pumps, oil watchmans or longer hoses can be ordered. They are easy to install and have a lockable outer casing which conceals an integral dispensing pump. These tanks meet the requirements of all the current and forthcoming legislation for fuel dispersal to vehicles. 

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Deso water storage tanks water storage

All Deso water storage tanks are manufactured from high grade UV stabilised polyethylene and are available with a range of fittings. These single skin tanks come in various sizes from 450litre to 30,000 litres there are ideal for water storage, available in potable and non potable, as well as rain water harvesting with full fittings available. We can also supply specialist tanks for liquid fertiliser or Molasses, now even craft beer are using plastic single skin tanks. 

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