Digital Voltmeter

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  • Gives an accurate reading of your fence voltage, from O to 9900 V without risking a shock!
  • Helps to locate the source of a short in the fence line
  • 9v battery included

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About product

The Digital Voltmeter can help you locate the source of a short by measuring the voltage in the fence line. A short in your electric fence occurs when the power escapes to the ground. This can be caused by many issues such as broken wires, tapes, ropes, under gate cables or worn insulators, poor connections, and often something touching the fence, such as vegetation.


To find a fault, move along the fence line, taking readings every 100 metres or so. As a rule of thumb, the voltage will drop roughly 100 volts every 100 metres as you head in the direction of the fault, and will then level out once you pass the fault. If the fault is not obvious, you should systematically isolate areas of your electric fence.



  • Hard plastic body is 150mm (6") x 75mm (3") x 19mm (3/4")
  • 25mm (1") x .19mm (3/4") digital display
  • 110mm (4.5" ground probe
  • 0.9m (37") ground cable
  • 9v battery included (normally lasts over 1 year)
https://mcveighparker.com/media/catalog/product/cache/26ed8f06e79cda7507dda94712c9910c/e/f/ef4070.jpg -----https://mcveighparker.com/media/catalog/product/cache/fe6df0f0f801fb57ed5db3b31e3fd5b6/e/f/ef4070.jpg

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