Dog Fencing

McVeigh Parker is the place to come to for all types of dog fencing.

Whether you are looking to secure your garden or creating a commercial dog walking and exercise area McVeigh Parker has the experience and expertise you need. 

Triple X Dog Fence

For a fully secure, long-lasting dog fence many are now opting for McVeigh Parker’s unique Triple X fencing system, which combines Clipex® galvanised steel fence posts with X Fence premium wire netting. 

Easy to install and maintain and guaranteed for 30 years, this is the choice of professionals.

Dog Fence Case Study 1

My Dog Field runs two sites in the North-West of England.  As they say, “You drive in, lock the gate behind you and let your dog out.  The field is yours.” 

Offering the field to dog owners for periods of one hour at a time, My Dog Field realised how important it was to install a fence that was thoroughly secure and provided long-term value for money.  Business owner Charlotte opted for a bespoke Triple X based system and consulted McVeigh Parker on the best design, one which has subsequently been popular elsewhere around the country. Using Deer posts and creosoted strainers, the wire chosen gave the business a 6ft fence with wire spacing of 7.5cm.

Specification -

  • Strainer Type - Creosoted strainers
  • Intermediate Posts - 3.0m 14 clip Clipex® Standard deer posts – 4m spacing
  • Wire Type - X Fence XLHT13-190-7.5, lightweight boar/dog
  • Tools Used - Hydraulic post driver, deer clamps and chains, Ezecrimp pliers and crimps

Dog Fence Case Study 2

A second client running a doggy day care centre opted for a slightly different design. 

As well as selecting wire mesh with 5cm spacing to provide extra security, they also asked McVeigh Parker to include wire which could be buried in the ground to prevent curious dogs digging under the fence. 

Dog Fence Case Study 3

The client also asked us to come up with a similar design using treated timber fence posts with a desired service life of 15 years (UC4).

UC4 posts offer a shorter lifespan closer to 15 years, but erected correctly is a worthy alternative to Triple X.

Extras to consider when planning your fence...

  • Upgrade to a smaller or larger mesh, depending on your requirements
  • Add Clipex® Beefy larger profile posts with 60% greater holding. They will strengthen the fence line, especially suitable for use in dividing paddocks, slight changes in direction or undulating ground conditions
  • Strengthen the fence line further by reducing the space between fence posts or extra height or security add straight or cranked vertical extensions
  • Choose from a wide range of gates
  • Do you need piping for water and drainage?