DURA² Timber

DURA² is the patented production process which is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and the cost effective alternative to creosoted timber. This new process extends the life span of the timber to 20 years and more.

The unique DURA² timber procedure starts with timber selection. The wood is carefully selected from sustainable woodlands, once felled it goes through a controlled drying process. It is then impregnated to saturation point with the improved treatment agent. After the first treatment the timber goes through a deep drying process, then retreated once again. This double treatment process provides the strongest protection and the most durable treated softwood timber for fencing.

This unique technique creates a fence timber of the highest quality. In addition, the wood gets a chic look due to the dark colouring without any unpleasant odours or carcinogenic properties.


DURA² is the answer for those looking for a longer lasting timber fence with an attractive appearance that’s guaranteed for 20 years.


  • Pedigree durable product.
  • Controlled drying process.
  • Safe to both livestock and humans, no leaching.
  • Produced from slow grown European pinewood only.
  • Treated twice (with deep drying between the two treatments).
  • Pressure treated with a high concentrate.
  • DURA² is an enhanced and patented treatment process using Tanalith E preservative.
  • DURA² has the appearance of creosoted timber without the smell or possible carcinogenic properties.
  • Homogenous dark brown chic colour.
  • 20 year manufacturers warranty.

DURA² Products Available -

Fencing Stake / Strutt

1650mm x 90mm pointed - Shop Now
1800mm x 90mm pointed - Shop Now
2100mm x 90mm pointed
2500mm x 90mm pointed
2700mm x 90mm pointed
3000mm x 90mm pointed
1800mm x 100mm pointed
2000mm x 100mm pointed



2500mm x 140mm pointed- Shop Now
2100mm x 160mm pointed- Shop Now
2500mm x 160mm pointed
2500mm x 180mm pointed
2750mm x 180mm pointed
3000mm x 140mm pointed
3000mm x 160mm pointed



3500mm x 100mm half round rail SPRUCE
4000mm x 100mm x 50mm Rails sawn
4000mm x 100mm x 50mm Rail planed
4000mm x 150mm x 47mm Boards sawn
5000mm x 95mm x 45mm Rails planed round
6000mm x 95mm x 45mm Rails planed round



Sawn Posts

1800mm x 125mm x 75mm sawn pointed 4 way post
2100mm x 125mm x 75mm sawn pointed 4 way post
2400mm x 125mm x 75mm sawn pointed 4 way
2400mm x 150mm x 75mm sawn pointed 4 way

Gates and Gate Posts

1200mm Universal gate
2400mm Universal gate
3600mm Universal gate
2400mm x 175mm x 175mm Gate post, Pyramid top
2500mm x 145mm Gate post, Pyramid top


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