Earth Stake for Electric Fencing

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  • An essential component of any electric fencing system
  • 1m long, galvanised finish for a long life
  • Complete with nut and bolt connectors

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About product

Having a suitable earthing stake is essential to your electric fencing system. This 1m long galvanised angle iron comes with a nut and bolt to allow an easy connection, also includes clamp. Please note that leads and cables are not included.


The earth stake enables the full circuit to be made when the animal touches it. Drive the earth stake into the ground as far as you can, ideally in an area that remains damp, attach the energiser unit’s earth terminal (or insulated lead out cable) to your earth stake.


A good earth can account for 85% of the fence’s efficiency. The most common cause of electric fence failure is often down to a poor earth. Attention should always be paid to the ground condition, if the ground dries out in summer then the fence will be less effective which is why the further the earth stake is in the soil the better the fence will be, or even have multiple earth stakes connected to each other, mains and high powered energisers over 2 joules require two or three earth stakes to perform effectively. 


For an electric fence shock the current produced by an energiser must complete a full circuit. The current leaves the energiser and moves along the fence wires through the animal, into the soil and back to the energiser via the earth system. If the earth system is ineffective the animal will receive an inadequate shock.


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