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If you are looking at lining your stable, creating a lunging ring, or cladding any horse exercise pen or horse-walker, Stokbord is a perfect durable and versatile board. Stokbord is often used with horses and other livestock as it is non-toxic, chew-proof and rot resistant, meaning it requires very little maintenance. Stokbord is a general purpose boarding made from 100% recycled plastic. It can be welded for a range of agricultural purposes, including pig pens,, poultry housing, cattle handling races, sheep races, feed trailer floors, grain stores and bins and for lining troughs. It’s chew-resistant nature makes it popular as a rodent deterrent lining.

Our Stokbord range is a versatile, durable and affordable option. It’s a long-term low cost solution for a variety of purposes across the agricultural industry, which is why it is the UK’s leading sheeting brand. It doesn’t rot and, once installed, it is maintenance free, hygienic and chew resistant.

We have a variety of equestrian barn and field supplies available at our depots across the country, meaning you can enjoy a fast and efficient delivery service or pop in to your local depot to collect. McVeigh Parker are leading equestrian and agricultural suppliers in the Uk, and we are happy to help with any Stokbord construction queries! Shop below or get in touch.


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