Cattle Handling Systems

Our cattle handling range includes farming supplies and equipment to manage and maintain your livestock. We can design your permanent fixed livestock systems to suit your requirements, please ask for details. Alternatively, McVeigh Parker stock mobile cattle hurdle kits for field or yard usage. These modular systems enable you to purchase a standard kit, then grow as your herd or demand increases. Taller hurdles for larger breeds are available on request. These portable cattle handling systems are designed for easy movement around your farm, so you can take it straight to your herd. Our range includes a variety of gates to be used with a hurdling system, so you can design your cattle races to suit you, including Chieftain and Saracen yoke gates. Cattle handling systems are sturdy and fully galvanised to standard, to be durable and withstand hard use. Cattle hurdle kits provide enough hurdles to make a race or can be added to the end of a crush for herd testing and welfare. Shop now or get in touch for a bespoke solution.

  1. 6 Rail Cattle Hurdle
    6 Rail Cattle Hurdle
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