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 Weighing Platforms

Our cattle weighing platforms are perfect for use with most crushes to help you monitor cow and calf weight. Cattle weighing platforms are useful for monitoring the weight of your calves and sucklers to ensure they are gaining correctly, and for ensuring that you get the correct price if taking to market. Platforms come with Salter Scale weigh heads and can be retro fitted to most crush models, alternatively Gallagher’s quick-weigh load bars provide a more accurate digital reading, with numerous add-ons. This can be retro fitted to almost any crush or platform for effective weighing.

The Salter Scales are lever operated and mounted on the hook of the platform which is bolted to your cattle crush. Quick weigh load bars are tough, shock-resistant and are portable but can also be bolted down. They also have anti-rodent chew cables and are waterproof. Putting weigh bars under the crush is a quick and cost-effective way of adding an option to weigh your cattle effectively, digitally and accurately.

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