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Drinking Troughs

We know each herd is different, and livestock requirements are not ‘one size fits all’. That’s why we have a huge range of drinking troughs designed to suit all shapes and sizes! Our drinking troughs are suitable for cattle, sheep, horses, alpacas and many other species. We have steel drinking troughs, plastic water troughs, universal drinkers and bowls, trough accessories and pumps.

McVeigh Parker are one of the largest agricultural suppliers in the UK, and we consider our team to be knowledgeable when it comes to farming supplies. If you need any advice on choosing a drinking trough or have any questions regarding our farming products then please get in touch with us. Alternatively, click through to the different product areas below to find your perfect drinking solution!


Our Drinking Trough Products

Steel Water Troughs

Our galvanised steel troughs are high-quality and durable, so perfect for anywhere you are seeking a long-lasting weather-resistant solution. Trough kits come with service box, ball valve and ball float for refilling. We have multiple sizes and depths available to suit your sheep flock, cattle herd or other livestock heights!

Plastic Water Troughs

Plastic water troughs are strong and surprisingly resistant, whilst also being easy to move from paddock to paddock (or wherever you choose to position them). Our range includes frost-resistant and UV protected products to ensure a long lifespan.

Universal Drinkers and Bowls

Ideal for stables or pens, our universal drinkers and bowls are perfect for attaching to the wall or fence and come with ball-valve and plug to ensure a continuously available water supply.

Trough Accessories

Our trough accessory range is designed to work with our trough stock. It includes concrete trough supports of different sizes to raise your trough, poly ball floats and ball-valve trough kits as well as service boxes for troughs.

Pasture Pumps

Pasture pumps are an ideal solution for those without mains water or in catchment sensitive areas. They protect the river bank, are rust and UV resistant and easy to install.