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Steel Water Drinking Troughs

Ideal for most livestock, including sheep, cattle and horses, our steel water drinking troughs are the perfect choice for a durable and hard-wearing field water trough. All of our water troughs are made from galvanised steel, which prevents rusting, making the troughs a long-term solution to keep your animals watered.

Choose from a variety of water troughs, including specifically-designed sheep and livestock troughs, troughs with service boxes and ball floats, and trough kit packages so you can get set up quickly and easily. Our troughs have various litre capacities, so you can find the perfect size for your field, farm or pen. They also make great trough planters to give your garden a rustic, countryside feel.

Large Livestock Water Trough WT2M
£ 122.70 each
£ 169.14 each
£ 207.57 each
£ 234.10 each
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Sheep Water Trough WT4M
£ 49.28 each
£ 58.82 each
£ 69.52 each
£ 90.90 each
£ 117.12 each
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Livestock Water Trough WT0M
£ 89.66 each
£ 50.59 each
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Our Steel Water Troughs

Large Livestock Water Trough

The large livestock water trough comes in a range of sizes from 1200mm (4ft) to 3000mm (10ft) and features a roll top for added strength and stability. These water troughs are ideal for larger livestock such as dairy herds.

Sheep Water Trough

The lower profile of these water troughs makes them ideal for lambs and sheep. These come in sizes ranging from 600mm (2ft) to 2440mm (8ft) and 68 litres (15 gallons) to 272 litres (60 gallons).

Livestock Water Trough

Our livestock water troughs come in a range of sizes from 915mm (3ft) to 3050mm (10ft), and 163 litres (36 gallons) to 545 litres (120 gallons) capacities. These water troughs are fully galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 standards.

Trough Kit Package 72 Gallons

Our 72 Gallon (327 litres) trough kit package comes with concrete trough supports to hold up the trough. Plastic pavers can also be added to prevent poaching around trough areas.

2270L (500Gals) Water Trough

Our largest steel water trough has a capacity of 2270 litres and is perfect for fields where a large number of animals need water.

Standard Water Trough Kit 6ft

Our most popular steel trough, the 6 Foot Water Trough (1800mm) is fully galvanised to BS EN ISO1461 standard and has a capacity of 327 litres.