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Harvest Accessories

Ensure you’re stocked up ahead of harvest with the right products to protect and store your crop.

Our range includes harvest products to keep your hay and other crops in a safe and fortified environment to maximise profitability. We stock heavy duty and standard tarpaulin to cover your hay and straw to protect it from the elements, as well as rope, cable ties and silage tape to keep your product well wrapped and weatherproof.

Standard Tarpaulin - 120g SS6090M
£ 16.20 each
£ 11.00 each
£ 17.02 each
£ 25.99 each
£ 41.38 each
£ 35.20 each
£ 65.97 each
£ 54.79 each
£ 105.16 each
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Heavy Duty Tarpaulin - 240g SS6M
£ 105.71 each
£ 29.57 each
£ 184.30 each
£ 147.00 each
£ 347.76 each
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