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We stock three leading brands of netwrap – Rondotex, Nettex and Piippo.  Due to daily price fluctuations netwrap cannot be purchased on our website, however the information below can help you decide which product is the right one for your needs.

For up to date prices and to place an order for netwrap, please call our experienced sales team on 03330 050115 who will be pleased to help.  Special payment terms and trade deals available including quantity and contractor discounts.

How many bales per roll?  Take a look at our handy table below which provides you with a guide to bales per roll for hay, silage and straw.

popular netwrapbales per roll

Rondotex Evolutionrondotex

The edge-to-edge performance of Rondotex Evolution guarantees optimum edge coverage for roll widths 1.23 m (48'') of up to 1.70 m (67''). Precisely-aligned and uniform winding is equally self-evident. At the same time, improved tensile strength has been attained through NGT (New Generation Technology).

Features –

  • 30m Red End warning system
  • Light roll weight
  • Easy handling
  • UV Protection
  • Polyethylene

 Specifications -

  • Available in 3000m & 3600m
  • Weight -34/39kg (3000/3600m)
  • Strength - 260-265kg




Netexx S2Snettex

Netexx is the new generation netwrap from world renowned CordexAgri. Since the 1960’s Cordex have been developing and producing crop packaging products and is dedicated to providing the best performing net wrap on the market.

The Netexx S2S offers farmers and contractors complete bale coverage and can be used in all makes and models of round baling machines.


Features –

  • Minimum Length Guarantee
  • 50m Red End warning system
  • Easy Load
  • Reusable Handles
  • UV Protection
  • Polyethylene

Specifications -

  • Available in 3000m & 3600m
  • Weight -36/37.5kg (3000/3600m)
  • Strength - 260-270kg





Piippo Hybridpiipo

As a result of high quality raw material and distinguished manufacturing process, Piippo are confident they can produce the strongest net wrap in the market with a breaking strength of 290 kgf – 320 kgf. A lighter weight per gram makes it possible to produce a roll of 4600 m in length and under 44 kg in weight. Furthermore, as the diameter of the roll is less than 29 cm, Hybrid net wrap will fit into all types of balers.

Thanks to extremely high breaking resistance and UV resistance, the tightest bales can be wrapped without any risk of bale bursting. Hybrid net wrap is even 15 - 20 % stronger than standard net wraps in the market, which means that less material is needed per bale and more money can be saved.

Using longer rolls gives less down time and more baling in the field. Reduced amounts of packaging material and plastic waste make Hybrid net wrap a greener option for baling.

Features –

  • Guaranteed length
  • Double end warning stipe
  • ‘Easy lifter’ carrying handles
  • Easy coverage system

Specifications -

  • Available in Piippo Hybrid and Piippo Eco
  • Available in 3000m, 3600m & 4000m
  • Weight -37.5/38.7/40kg (3000/3600/4000m)
  • Strength - 250-260/285/285kg (3000/3600/4000m)