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Silage Sheets

All our sheets are UK manufactured, using the latest innovative techniques and improved raw polymer granules. This new process creates a stronger sheet with more elasticity, making them less susceptible to puncturing.

Our super strength silage sheets are made from a three layer co-extrusion LDPE film and are manufactured in 100 and 200 microns. These sheets have been specifically designed to offer great mechanical properties and excellent resistance to tearing and impact.

Please note, although these sheets offer a very low permeability to oxygen, we recommend the use of Clingseal film for the very best nutritional returns. Clingseal film is a 40 micron clear sheet to be used in conjunction with McVeigh Parker silage sheets. The benefit is it creates a better fermentation process which in turn produces higher quality feed, less wastage.

silage sheet 100mu new

silage sheets 200mu new

cling seal use this

Please note, these items are not available for purchase online.  For up to the minute pricing, please call your local depot on 03330 050115 quoting the product code above.

In addition to silage sheets we also stock tapes, patches, silage protection nets and a wide selection of tarpaulins.  Our traditional tarps are available in heavy duty and super heavy duty and in numerous sizes from 8.25 sq/mtrs to 240 sq/mtrs.  They come with a protective coating, are UV protected and feature a denser weave than cheaper brands.