Stretch Wrap 

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As part of our harvest range, we stock a range of UK manufactured quality stretch wrap from trusted brands which are used worldwide.  Available in varying widths and lengths, we're confident you'll find your stretchwrap of choice from leading brands Silotite, Silawrap and Total.  

Please note that stretch wrap is not available to purchase on our website, however you can find out more about the different products below.  For up to the minute pricing or more information, please call your local depot on 03330 050115.  Special payment terms and trade deals available including quantity and contractor discounts.



  • Silotite silage stretchfilm is a market leader in stretchwrap, protecting a variety of forage in millions of bales worldwide, both round and square. It is suitable for use on all bale wrapping machinery and a product of choice for contractors and farmers who require strength reliability and durability in stretch wrap.
  • It’s 5 layer extrusion technology helps deliver its strength, puncture resistance, elasticity, UV resistance and cling.
  • Silotite is available in black and green, 1800m and 1500m.



  • Silawrap has been manufactured in County Wexford, Ireland since 1996 and over 6 millions rolls have been sold across the world.
  • Only 100% virgin raw materials are used in the production of Silawrap to ensure the toughest stretch on the marker. It also wraps wider on the bale than any other leading brand which helps to provide a better seal, resulting in better quality silage.
  • Silawrap comes with a 12 month guarantee against UV degradation, features high UV stabilisation and provides and airtight and weatherproof shield.
  • Silawrap is available in 1500m, black and green.


Total stretch wrap is a popular stretchfilm used nationwide by farmers & agricultural contractors. It’s very reliable and consistent 25mu film. Suitable for square or round bales, it’s puncture resistant & UV stabilised.

Total Farm film is built with a unique multi- layer construction providing an instant bond and long term adhesion, elimination ‘tailing’ after wrapping and complete air-fastness for a minimum of 12 months. It’s proven to withstand the extremes of weather conditions ranging from harsh Nordic winters to high summer temperatures of continental Europe and the wet climes of Britain and Ireland.

Manufactured in Preston, UK, using the latest extrusion technology, this new technology has provided farm film with

  • Increased puncture and tear resistance
  • A double sided cling that gives you an airtight bale in all weather conditions even when wrapping at night
  • UV stability offering protection to bales wrapped in all climates giving you peace of mind that your bales are safe and secure when stored
  • Farm Film resists oxygen due to the structure of the layers of film during manufacture
  • Farm Film is 100% recyclable.

Total farm film is available in black and green, 1800m and 1500m.