Handling Crates and Weighers

As part of our sheep handling range, we have a selection of professional handling crates and weighers to simplify strenuous tasks for both the farmer and livestock. The range includes Ewe-Turnover Crate, Lamb Weighing Crate and a Sheep Docking Crate. They are suitable for most breeds and designed with convenience in mind. All crates and weighers include a range of features, to ensure they are cost-effective and increasing your productivity! New features such as Gallagher’s EID readers and load bars can be retro fitted to any of the above. The Ewe turnover crate can be fitted to most races and is one of the most popular crates in the business. It has a unique multi-lock system, clamping the sheep within the crate and then rotating them towards the operator. You will then have easy access to the feet, head and rear end for straightforward dagging and foot clipping. The ewe turnover crate reduces stress for both the sheep and the operator. Our product range is available for order now; shop the handling crate range below.