Sheep Feeders and Troughs

Our sheep feeders and troughs range has been manufactured by producers with a wealth of sheep farming experience. This all helps to make the day-to-day farm tasks as straightforward as possible. We stock feeders and troughs for small or large flocks, as well as lamb feeders and portable hayracks. Our sheep feeders and troughs are made from high quality, durable galvanised steel to ensure their longevity. Hayracks, feeders, troughs and feed rings are all available from our eight depots nationwide. Shop below to find the perfect feeder for your flock.

  1. Sheep Feed Trough
    Sheep Feed Trough
    From: £69.82 £58.18
  2. Sheep Hayrack on Wheels
    Sheep Hayrack on Wheels
    From: £366.72 £305.60
  3. Lamb Creep Feeder
    Lamb Creep Feeder
    From: £457.66 £381.38
  4. Hook over Sheep Hayrack
    Hook over Sheep Hayrack
    From: £79.79 £66.49
  5. Hook on Sheep Trough
    Hook on Sheep Trough
    From: £50.42 £42.02
  6. Gate Feed Trough
    Gate Feed Trough
    From: £61.80 £51.50
  7. Single Side Lamb Creep Shelter
    Single Side Lamb Creep Shelter
    From: £615.73 £513.11