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Sheep Equipment

McVeigh Parker is one of the largest agricultural stockists in the UK and we pride ourselves on having high-quality, durable products. Our sheep handling range is designed and manufactured to make the day-to-day handling of livestock straightforward and simple. Our comprehensive range places importance on robust, quality sheep handling products like hurdles, sheep races, handling crates, weighers and footbaths.

Our commitment to providing an efficient service means that most products are available for same day click and collect from one of our nationwide depots or speedy delivery dispatch from your nearest depot. We strive to ensure a quality customer service and high product satisfaction, so we are also happy to discuss any of your sheep handling needs to ensure that for sheep farm fencing, movement and handling, we are your number one destination.

Our Sheep Equipment Products

Sheep Hurdles

Our Sheep Hurdle range is made from strong and durable galvanised steel and is designed for easy sheep penning. Our sheep hurdle system allows you to build up your own pen environment to suit you, with a range of steel hurdles and gates. The gates are available in a selection of opening mechanisms, including lift and swing guillotine gates and swing and slide gates. We also offer a mobile sheep handling trailer for transporting your sheep hurdles and taking the pen to your flock.

Sheep Races

To assist you with separating your sheep, particularly for when shearing or filtering them, we have a selection of sheep races, sheep race gates and sheep race accessories. As with our other sheep handling products, our sheep races are made of high-quality galvanised steel. Our economy portable sheep race is sold as a kit for easy and transportable set up. The basic sheep race kit includes all you need to build your sheep race with option of adding to the race at a later date should you wish to expand.

Handling Crates and Weighers

Our handling crate and weigher range has been specifically designed for easing often strenuous sheep tasks. Rotating sheep with minimal strain to handler and sheep for foot clipping is made easier with our ewe turnover crate. Our range also includes a lamb weighing crate and sheep docking crate.


Sheep Footbaths are ideal for preventing foot rot, lameness and scald in sheep and thanks to their durability can cope with a large number of traffic. They can also fit with our sheep races.