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Domestic & Agricultural Fencing

Here at McVeigh Parker, we understand every aspect of your fencing needs. That’s why we offer a vast range of fencing products designed to suit your requirements, be they farm fencing, domestic or commercial. Our stock is available at our depots across the country, meaning you have easy access to your ideal fencing solution.

Our fencing stock ranges from Clipex fencing, famous for its purpose of ease and longevity, to traditional timber fencing, electric fencing, wire and stock fencing, as well as security and domestic fencing.

Whether you are in need of agricultural, security or garden fencing, we will always have the right fencing solution for you. Take a look at our fencing ranges below.  We also have a range of handy guides including our Quick Guide to Stock Fencing and Choosing the Right Timber.

Our Fencing Products

We are the sole supplier of the innovative and fantastic Clipex Fencing range. Designed to be lightweight yet suitably strong, this is the perfect fence for easy installation, low maintenance and long-term durability.

Clipex fencing will save you time and labour; a Clipex fence can be erected in less than half the time it would take to erect a traditional fence and requires very little maintenance. Clipex fencing even comes with a staggering 30 year guarantee. It’s perfect for durable farm fencing.

Our range of Stock Fencing and Line Wire provides long lasting farm fencing giving confidence your livestock is kept safe and secure. Used by farmers for decades, this trusted type of fencing is just what you need.

  • We have over 15,000 rolls of wire netting, from anti rabbit, to traditional barbed wire fencing, we have wire netting and fencing to suit every purpose
  • With over 50,000 rolls of stock fencing ready for dispatch for all agricultural uses, you won’t have to worry about your animals escaping, or intruders invading their fields or paddocks again
  • We stock the X fence range; renowned for providing the very best in strength and longevity

Our responsibly sourced Timber Fencing is the more traditionally designed country fencing. Featuring a post and rail system, this type of fencing is perfect for paddock division and roadside fencing. With an attractively rustic appearance, timber fencing is the most short term cost effective option and can enhance the traditional farm appearance.

  • Our timber fencing is sourced responsibly from PEFC & FSC certified suppliers
  • We have a huge range of stakes and strainers in stock to get the look you desire
  •  McVeigh Parker also stock traditional post & rail options including cleft and half rounds
  • Full lifetime traceability
  • Our focus on quality means we can produce the very highest market standards for in ground contact timber

Electric Fencing has a wide range of uses. We stock full kits so you have everything required to erect your fence. We also stock a range of accessories for electric fencing to ensure the perfect fit for your land. We stock only the leading manufacturers in electric fencing such as Gallagher, and our huge stock holding allows for the immediate dispatch for all of our electric fencing products.

When you need to keep your land, property or business location safe, you’ll need Security Fencing. For many years chain link and welded mesh has been the go to security fencing of choice. We are proud to offer only the very best in security fencing with a huge selection to choose from.

We stock not only traditional security fencing, including chain link rolls and welded mesh but also steel palisade and mesh systems with associated gates. These can be the first line of defence to help keep intruders out from your business site, warehouse or office. Our knowledgeable and friendly team can help assist you with any questions you may have that require a bespoke fencing solution.

Privacy is a key element of choice when adding fencing to any garden, as well as defining your garden’s perimeter. That’s why here at McVeigh Parker we are pleased to present our ever growing range of Domestic Fencing. Perfect for updating, restoring or replacing your old garden fencing, our stock includes a mix of natural, rustic and modern domestic fences.

We stock a wide selection of garden panel fencing kits to make erecting your garden fence a little easier. We also have variety of soft landscaping options, including paling and wattle hurdles, ideal for a more natural looking fence.

If you have specific fencing requirements then our team would be happy to assist you, get in touch online or call us on 03330 050115.