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Clipex Kits

Due to customer demand for our Clipex fencing, we’re pleased to offer Clipex in a number of kit formats. Perfect for farmland fencing, arable or pastoral landscaping and general fencing needs, our Clipex fencing kits provide you with everything you need for your run of fence.

Our Clipex fencing kit range includes a standard 1000m livestock fencing kit, premium cattle fencing kit, boar and dog fencing kit, a lamb friendly kit and deer fencing kit. Fencing kits vary in contents but include: X knot joint stock fence, high tensile barbed wire, Clipex standard clip posts, StaYfast end strainer kits, StaYfast two way/corners, High tensile 2.5mm line wire and Standard post drive sleeves. These kits have been configured to make ordering easier, they can be changed to suit your particular project, usage or requirements.

Call now on 03330 050115, or get in touch with a member of the McVeigh Parker team to find out more about how Clipex fencing can save you time and money on fence construction and maintenance.