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Hexagonal Wire Rabbit Netting

We stock a wide range of rabbit netting, ideal for protecting your land from pest invasion, and also for protecting your crops and fruit from rabbits and other pests. All of our wire rabbit netting features a 31mm mesh pattern in a range of different wire types, thicknesses and heights.

There are three main choices when deciding what rabbit netting to buy -

  1. Hot dip galvanised pre or post manufacture?  Our Eco-net range is galvanised before manufacture. Galvanising wire before manufacture provides an effective economical option. Our Euro-net range is galvanised after manufacture. Galvanising wire after manufacture offers a quality product at a mid-range price. Hot dip galvanised after manufacture seals all twists and prevents water ingress into the joints.
  2. Wire height?  Our rabbit netting is available in the following heights – 60cm, 105cm, 120cm, 150cm and 180cm. 105cm being the most popular therefore better value.
  3. Wire thickness? Our rabbit netting is available in 1.2mm (18g) ,1.0mm (19g) and 0.9mm (20g) thicknesses


Euro-net Post Galv Rabbit Netting (31mm mesh) 50m Roll FIC3M
£ 29.66 each
£ 44.30 each
£ 60.97 each
£ 77.38 each
£ 104.17 each
£ 126.24 each
£ 102.28 each
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