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Thatching Protection 

If you have thatching in the roof of your house, barn or other outbuildings, you will know that it requires plenty of maintenance to ensure a long life. It is vital to protect the thatching and using hexagonal wire is an ideal reinforcement for ridging and organic protection. Wire netting can be used to hold the thatch roofing together as the organic wood weakens.

Thatching netting is made from low carbon iron wire and galvanised post manufacture. It uses a 19mm mesh pattern and is a strong and durable option for roof maintenance. Thatching netting is available in a variety of heights and wire gauges (thicknesses).

If you have any queries about our thatching netting, or any other uses for hexagonal wire then please get in touch with a member of your local McVeigh Parker team on 03330 050115.

Thatching Protection Netting (19mm mesh) 50m Roll F1C30M
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