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Domestic Wattle Hurdles and Paling

Our hazel wattles and paling fencing are all created from coppiced woodland, for a rustic fencing appearance. They fare specifically well in exposed sites, and are ideal for creating a natural screen with a pleasant aesthetic. Wattle and paling fencing is easy to erect and is popular for use on building sites, pipelines and houses.

Paling fencing is flexible and follows the contours of the land. It’s easy to install and simple to maintain. Hazel wattle has a life expectancy of approximately 3-5 years, but can last up to 10 years in an exposed site, so is an ideal temporary fencing or screen.

Paling Fencing F420M
£ 45.50 each
£ 60.90 each
£ 49.00 each
£ 59.50 each
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Hazel Wattle Hurdles F612M
£ 53.55 each
£ 59.59 each
£ 65.63 each
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