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Fence Panels

We offer both Waney Edge and Featheredge (closeboard) fence panels in a variety of sizes.

Waney Edge fence panels are probably the most common and economic domestic fencing available, however we find that our Featheredge fence panels are a popular choice with our customers due to their robust nature.  They are formed of numerous vertical slats which are secured with three horizontal panels on the back of the fence panel, adding that extra layer of durability against the harsh winds we often experience.

Featheredge Panels F6 £ 25.38 each
£ 28.80 each
£ 32.40 each
£ 34.20 each
£ 36.45 each
Waney Edge Panels F61 £ 18.60 each
£ 19.40 each
£ 21.30 each
£ 23.00 each
£ 23.25 each