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Electric Fencing Solutions

Electric fencing is perfect for ensuring that more wilful livestock is kept in (or out!) We supply kits and netting solutions as well as all of the necessary accessories to get your electric fence up and running. We also stock wire and tape, insulators, energisers and stakes for your electric fence.

Electric fencing is suitable for horses, rabbits, chickens and other livestock. Should you need any advice about which electric fence option would be best for you, our friendly team are on hand to offer you their expert knowledge.

Our Electric Fencing Products

Wire or tape

Integral to your electric fence will be your electric wire or tape; we have a choice of products to best suit your needs. Stranded galvanised wire is super-strong with a high level of conductivity, but has a low visibility and so must be used in conjunction with other fencing. Electric tape has a more obvious level of visibility and is available in a variety of colours. You can also purchase reinforced tape for extra durability.

Electric fence insulators

Suitable for super poly wire, electric rope and stranded wire, our insulators allow you to maintain tension in your electric fence whilst insulating the current. Using the correct electric fence insulator is important for maintaining a robust and functional fence.


As part of your electric fence solution, you will require a reliable energiser to provide your current. At McVeigh Parker, we only stock the top brands to ensure you a quality product. Our energisers come with a variety of power options, including solar fence energisers, mains powered and mixed option mains and battery powered energisers. Our Gallagher Solar energisers are super-powerful and come with a seven year premium warranty.


We have a number of electric fence stakes to set up your fence according to the intended purpose. Our stake stock includes multifix horse stakes; sturdy and tall, pigtail posts; ideal for single-line dairy fencing and metal electric fence stakes; perfect for sheep, pigs and cattle.


Everything you need to complete your electric fence. Our accessories range contains a comprehensive selection of electric fence accessories including; lead out cables, electric gate hooks, connection cables, electric shut off switches and a vandal proof electric box and stand. Why not explore the range to see what we have available for you.


Our electric fencing kits contain everything you need for a hassle free installation. We stock a variety of kits so there will be a size to suit your needs, including pony, horse, paddock and starter kits.

Should you need any advice or guidance on the purchase of your electric fencing then please don’t hesitate to contact our team; you can call us on 03330 050115 or get in touch online.