Electric Fence Energisers

Frequently Asked Questions

McVeigh Parker stock a range of electric fence energisers including battery powered, mains and solar energisers for your electric fence. Our electrical power units are suitable for fencing livestock including horses and cattle in fields or paddocks. Our electric fence energisers are sturdy and easily transportable; suitable for long-term use outside. Solar panel fence energisers are powerful, with an integrated solar panel and battery, and some models come supplied with a seven-year premium warranty. Shop our solar powered, battery powered and mains powered electric fence energisers below. Get in touch with the McVeigh Parker team if you have any questions regarding the correct energiser for your electric fencing or livestock.


Electric Fence Energiser - Questions & Answers

If you need electric fencing, Gallagher is the perfect option for you!  Will you opt for one of our intelligent energisers from the I series? A battery solution? Or maybe a solar energiser is better suited for your situation.  Whatever your needs, we can offer the perfect solution.


Mains energisers – Mains energisers are perfect for permanent fencing.  These energisers do not need a battery and work on 230V.  There are different types of mains energisers for various applications. 


Multi powers energisers – The Gallagher multi power dual energisers can be used in every possible way.  Would you like to use solar panels, mains or a battery?  Not a problem with these energisers.


Solar powered energisers –An energiser that works on solar power is the best choice for remote areas! The battery is charged by daylight and converts it into electricity.  The energiser will continue to run for 3 weeks without any sunlight, does not require maintenance, are environmentally friendly and reliable. 


Battery energisers – there may be fencing that cannot be connected to the mains and a battery energiser is a better choice in those situations.  These energisers only need a battery and no mains.  A number of energisers have a battery-saving option and night mode to lengthen the lifespan of the battery significantly.  


Electric fencing needs the right sized energiser to work efficiently.


  1.  Do not just buy an energiser based purely on fence length or cost.  It is like assuming every road is flat.

  2. In reality an average electric fence  has pasture growth and an imperfect setup that causes power loss.  Just like most roads have hills that cause speed loss.

  3. Most energisers recommend distances based on the fence length only.  That’s like putting a mini engine in a truck, going uphill, and expecting it to maintain strength. 

  4. Gallagher recommends energisers based on reality so they push the power no matter what. That’s like a truck with the right sized engine maintaining speed going uphill.