Electric Fence Kits

When starting electric fencing from scratch, we know assembling the right kit for your livestock can be a time-consuming job. That’s why we have created electric fencing kits; pre-selected electric fencing equipment for a designated purpose. Whether erecting temporary fencing for your horses, ponies or sheep, or if you want to set up fencing to keep out pests like rabbits then we have kits for you. Our range includes starter kits and paddock kits. Each kit contains what you need to get the job done. Our starter kit contains everything to get going right away, including energisers, whilst our other kits can be tailored with add-ons to ensure that you have exactly the right fencing set up. Shop your electric fencing kit below or get in touch with the McVeigh Parker team if you need any advice on selecting your kit or accessories.

  1. Complete Electric Fencing Kit
    Complete Electric Fencing Kit
    From: £372.18 £310.15