Fence Posts

McVeigh Parker are pleased to stock a range of UC4 timber and concrete fence posts. Our Fenn-lite concrete posts are over 45% lighter than standard weight concrete slotted posts, which make things that little bit easier for our customers when constructing their fence line. If you are looking to erect your fence line more quickly, then the Fenn-lite concrete posts are ideal for you. Shop below to ensure your fence is properly anchored!

  1. Concrete Repair Spur
    Concrete Repair Spur
    From: £14.23 £11.86
  2. Concrete Slotted Posts
    Concrete Slotted Posts
    From: £22.64 £18.87
  3. Morticed posts
    Morticed posts
    From: £25.32 £21.10
  4. Sawn Posts
    Sawn Posts
    From: £9.58 £7.98