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Metal Security Fencing

At McVeigh Parker we know how much value is placed on a strong, stable and reliable security fence. That’s why we stock a range of security fencing suitable for all levels of protection. Whether for a temporary compound, secure unit or recreational enclosure, you will find the security fence that is perfect for you. We have plastic coated and galvanised finishes available.

Our Security Fencing Products

Welded Mesh

Welded mesh security fencing is perfect for dog runs, tree protection or as a bird enclosure/aviary. The fine knit galvanised welded mesh makes it a secure and multipurpose fencing option.

Chain Link

Perfect for a security barrier or recreational enclosure, chain link fence is popular, versatile and easy to erect. It can work with timber, steel and concrete posts to provide a secure, no-nonsense fencing. Chainlink fencing is the most widely used fencing material and is available in a wide variety of mesh sizes, heights and colours.


Palisade fencing is the ideal choice for areas requiring a higher level of security and is particularly suited to protect against intruders.

Mesh Panels

Wire meshing or mesh panel security fencing is perfect for multi-purpose use. It is easy to install, cost-effective and attractive. It’s frequently used for sports, domestic and perimeter fencing.

We understand that every site is different and that is why we are proud to offer our bespoke service. Simply contact one of our expert team and we will be able to design and manufacture the perfect fence for you. Call 03330 050115 or get in touch online.