Welded Mesh Security Fencing

Our welded mesh range is a great alternative to chain link fencing and can be used for dog runs, bird aviaries and tree protection guards as well as a range of other uses. It’s made from galvanised wire and is electronically welded at every section for a strong and robust fence. We offer welded mesh in a range of sizes and heights with a variety of mesh hole sizes to suit. Our welded mesh range is galvanised to standard and is also available in green PVC. Shop below for all of your mesh needs.

  1. Welded Mesh 50x50mm
    Welded Mesh Galvanised

    Please email sales@mcveighparker.co.uk or call us for our best offer.

  2. Welded Mesh PVC Coated
    Welded Mesh PVC Coated
    From: £198.41 £165.34