Timber Post & Rail Fencing

Timber post and rail is ideal for traditional farm fencing. It is an iconic sight in the British landscape, both attractive and functional. Often used for paddock fencing and roadside fencing, post and rail is a cost-effective option which is long lasting and rustic looking. We stock a range of traditional timber post and rail fencing and kits for both domestic and agricultural purposes. Our kits include cleft chestnut post and rail, sawn post and rail with X Fence horse netting, creosoted sawn post and rail and half round machined post and rail. Kits come with the required fencing to be erected immediately. They are suited to livestock fencing or general land barriers. If you have any enquiries regarding the best timber post and rail kit for your needs then please get in touch with the McVeigh Parker team. Our years of experience in the agricultural industry means we are on hand to advise.

  1. Coal Tar Creosote
    Coal Tar Creosote
    From: £64.80 £54.00