Timber Fencing Posts & Stakes

McVeigh Parker have been supplying traditional fencing timber since 1979. With over one million stakes sold annually, we are confident we can provide you with quality products, at the right price, treated to the correct user class, for your next fencing project. We have a range of timber and post stakes for use as part of your traditional timber fencing project. Fencing struts and stakes with a mix of creosoted strainers are available in sizes to suit your needs. Shop below now to find your perfect post. UC4 is what we commonly sell and would highly recommend for any in ground contact installation. For more information on the different types of timber available, read our quick guide to choosing the right timber.

  1. Dura² Posts, Struts & Strainers
    Dura² Posts, Struts & Strainers
    From: £19.39 £16.16
  2. UC4 Posts, Struts & Strainers
    UC4 Posts, Struts & Strainers
    From: £4.70 £3.92
  3. UC4 Machined Posts, Struts & Strainers
    UC4 Machined Posts, Struts & Strainers
    From: £4.78 £3.98
  4. Creosoted Posts, Struts & Strainers
    Creosoted Posts, Struts & Strainers
    From: £11.77 £9.81
  5. Sawn Posts
    Sawn Posts
    From: £9.58 £7.98
  6. Class 4 Stobs
    Class 4 Stobs
    From: £5.42 £4.52
  7. Coal Tar Creosote
    Coal Tar Creosote
    From: £64.80 £54.00