Triple X Strainers

X = Triple X Strainers British made all steel hot dip galvanised strainers, with fully welded base and thrust plates, fully welded top cap and pre-drilled holes for ease of strut installation. The 3.0mm thick strainer allows them to be driven in hydraulically or mechanically. Diagonal or box strainer versions available, whichever best suits your requirements and budget. Installing a Triple X strainer could not be simpler, minimal components mean full installation in less than 5 minutes is possible. This system offers real returns on investment, installation and longevity.

  1. Triple X Corner Strainer
    Triple X Corner Strainer
    From: £169.21 £141.01 Regular Price £169.21
  2. Triple X End Strainer
    Triple X End Strainer
    From: £118.96 £99.13 Regular Price £118.96