X-fence Wire Netting

Xfence is the original X knot stiffstay product, their fabricated fencing systems are world renowned for their durability and market-leading quality. Made in New Zealand by a leading manufacturer using only the highest quality raw materials, Xfence has been tested and proven in some of the harshest conditions worldwide, this product is stronger, easier to install and lasts longer. Manufactured using only the finest iron ore available, their processing plant turns the top-quality ore into the class leading wire that goes to make Xfence. This wire is then coated twice with Zinc/Aluminium in a process that gives an even spread stopping patchy wear and increasing the time taken before any corrosion starts. This coating also makes the wire more ductile, easier to work with and it won’t crack when tying off which can happen with other heavy galvanised products.

Suitable For Select Suitable For  
Brand Select Brand  
  1. X fence 17 items
Industry Select Industry  
  1. Agricultural fencing 5 items
  2. Equestrian fencing 6 items
  3. Deer fencing 3 items
  4. Predator exclusion fencing 3 items