Line Wire Fencing

Line wire is suitable for use with a number of agricultural and domestic fencing applications. Our line wire is galvanised and available in aluminium and zinc coated options, as well as plastic coated. Our high tensile line wire is available in many gauges. Line wire is an effective barrier for livestock and provides a strong support for plants and plant netting. High tensile line wire is commonly used with netting for rabbits, pheasants and chickens. Certain gauges can also be used with electric fencing and plastic deer fencing. Shop our line wire range below.

  1. High Tensile Line Wire
    High Tensile Line Wire
    From: £70.16 £58.47
  2. Mild Line Wire
    Mild Line Wire Galvanised
    From: £70.16 £58.47
  3. The Reel Wire - Bobbins
    The Reel Wire - Bobbins
    From: £81.90 £68.25
  4. Fence Tying Wire
    Fence Tying Wire
    From: £10.37 £8.64