Forge Knot Stock Fence FHT8-80-15 100m

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  • 24% stronger Knot
  • Galvanised to BS EN 10244 Class A
  • 450mm Pre-stripped ends, makes tying and joining easier

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About product

If you are looking for stock fencing that will reduce both your labour and material costs then the Forge Knot is the wire of choice.

Our Forge Knot Sheep & Livestock fence is constructed using a 'forged knot’. This revolutionary knot fixes the vertical wire in place ensuring that it cannot be moved vertically or horizontally by livestock pressure, unlike most traditional hinge jointed wire netting which not only folds down but is susceptible to movement by livestock.

The Forge knot has a smooth finish that is abrasive free which will not damage hides, collect wool and can be used where public might be present reducing the risks of any cuts or abrasions associated with other knots.

The one piece vertical wire allows you to space intermediate stakes up to 5m apart. The forged knot provides a stiffstay netting that will virtually stand up on its own, which helps eliminate vertical wire movement by livestock. The tension curves and the spring like properties of high tensile wire remain taut throughout its life providing an effective, long lasting fence.



  • Suitable for Sheep, pigs and cows
  • Overall height 80cm / 800mm / 2'6"
  • No. of line wires 8
  • Distance between vertical wires 15cm / 150mm / 5.9"
  • Distance between horizontal wires Variable (see product image for mesh pattern)
  • Wire gauge 2.5mm heavily galvansied high tensile wire throughout
  • Knot type Forge knot
  • McVeigh Parker strength grade Gold
  • Available roll lengths 100m

Did you know?

A high tensile wire fence shall be strained and keep that tension for a minimum of 3 years without intervention.

  • Typically the line wires in a high tensile fence should be strained between 125 - 150kg.
  • Typically, high tensile barbed wire should be strained between 100-125kg.

A mild steel wire fence shall be strained, checked annually and re-tensioned where necessary.

  • Typically the line wire and barbed wires in a mild steel fence should be strained between 50-75kg.

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