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Triple X is the name we’ve given to an all-steel fencing system using the revolutionary Clipex quick clip steel post with X Fence stiffstay premium wire netting and all-steel strainers, plus a choice of barbed, plain or electric wire. This is a fencing system like no other and can offer up to 50% cost savings on a fence with a life expectency exceeding thirty years. It takes significantly less time to erect, cutting labour and machinery costs.

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Clipex posts

Clipex the multi award winning innovative permanent quick clip galvanised steel post.

  • Each post has pre-fixed clips designed to take all the horizontal wires of your chosen X Fence wire netting.
  • Each post has a pre-fixed anti-lift plate below ground level to prevent lifting in soft or undulating ground.
  • Galvanised coating exceeds British Standard BS EN ISO 1461
  • View Clipex post specification sheet

X fence wire

  • X Fence premium Stiff Stay X knot fabricated wire netting – Buying quality wire is key to any good fence.

  • The high tensile wire properties and one-piece vertical wire reduce the amount of support posts required, thus a saving in both material and labour.
  • 24% stronger knot
  • Alu/zinc coating , lasts 3-4 times longer than heavy galvanised wire.

Triple x strainers

Triple X strainers British made all steel hot dip galvanised strainers, with fully welded base and thrust plates, fully welded top cap and pre-drilled holes for ease of strut installation.

  • The 3.0mm thick strainer allows them to be driven in hydraulically or mechanically.
  • Diagonal or box strainer versions available, whichever best suits your requirements and budget.
  • Installing a Triple X strainer could not be simpler, minimal components mean full installation in less than 5 minutes is possible.
  • Galvanised coating to British Standard BS EN ISO 1461

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Take a look at our latest case studies and see what our customers say about Triple X fencing.  Click here to view our mobile friendly Triple X fencing brochure.