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Triple X is the name we’ve given to an all-steel fencing system using the revolutionary Clipex quick clip steel post with X Fence stiffstay premium wire netting and all-steel strainers, plus a choice of barbed, plain or electric wire. This is a fencing system like no other and can offer up to 50% cost savings on a fence with a life expectency exceeding thirty years. It takes significantly less time to erect, cutting labour and machinery costs.

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Galebreaker Rollerscreen

The Galebreaker Rollerscreen system is a spring-operated windbreak allowing for variable ventilation as well as weather protection. Designed to fit above gates, lower walls and feed barriers, Rollerscreen provides fast access to sheds and feed passages, and fully adjustable to fit any opening

Galebreaker Agridoor

The spring assisted chain drive door system provides quick, easy operation for access to all types of buildings. The Agridoor is suitable for installing on the inside or outside of buildings, operation is from the side of fixing. Ideally suited to grain stores and bulk feed stores

Galebreaker Rollerdoor

Where frequent access is required above existing gates, barriers etc. Rollerscreen provides good ventilation and weather protection. A heavy duty spring allows fast access with a locking mechanism to stabilise against wind pressure.

Galebreaker Bayscreen

The flexible way to ventilate, provide weather protection and exclude birds to farm assured standards. Designed to clip onto bays or wider spans up to 20.0m (65’7”). Simple to install and quick to remove. Ideal for maintaining building flexibility.

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