Wooden Gate Fittings

McVeigh Parker are one of the largest agricultural suppliers in the UK, with extensive knowledge in the field (in both senses of the word)! All of the products in our wooden gate fittings collection are specifically designed for wooden gates in agricultural and domestic settings. Our wooden gate fitting products range from hinge hooks, spring catch sets to galvanised gravity catches. Our range also includes a galvanised hinge and hanging set which features an adjustable bottom hinge set. Practical for agricultural and domestic use, our wooden gate fittings are an ideal choice for secure and strong fitting for any wooden gates on your property. We have a wide selection of wooden gate fittings that range in size and function. All of our wooden gate fittings are made from quality galvanised steel, designed to last.

  1. Easy Latch
    Easy Latch
    From: £80.59 £67.16 Regular Price £80.59
  2. Wooden Gate Hinge/Hanging Set
    Wooden Gate Hinge/Hanging Set
    From: £25.55 £21.29 Regular Price £25.55
  3. Hinge Set with Square Plates
    Hinge Set with Square Plates
    From: £30.91 £25.76 Regular Price £30.91
  4. Adjustable Hook and Band
    Adjustable Hook and Band
    From: £48.10 £40.08 Regular Price £48.10
  5. Straight Band and Hook on Plate
    Straight Band and Hook on Plate
    From: £16.19 £13.49 Regular Price £16.19