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Right of Way (ROW) Gates

If your farm or property has a Right of Way access point then you may wish to add a gate for both ease of access and security for livestock/preventing vehicle access. We have a selection of Right of Way gates to suit in both metal and wood including stiles, kissing gates and bridle gates. You can manage access to your land by both pedestrians and dogs.

Our range stocks products from a variety of brands and includes own brand gates designed by McVeigh Parker aligning to our customer requests and needs. We keep a comprehensive range in stock at our seven depots across the country, so you can rely on quick and hassle free delivery.

Should you need any assistance in selecting the right ROW gate for you, or require a bespoke gate designed, then please feel free to contact a member of our knowledgeable McVeigh Parker team who will be more than happy to help. You can call our office on 03330 050115 or submit an online contact form.

Our ROW Gate Products

Kissing Gates

Kissing gates are ideal to stagger entrance to land. They are also ideal for less able walkers who cannot cope with stiles. Our kissing gates are available in treated softwood or galvanised steel and can incorporate a self-closing and self-latching system for additional security.


We stock traditional wooden stile gates for easy ROW access to a variety of farm and agricultural land; perfect for blending into the surrounding countryside. The range includes a dog way stand alone; no need to lift your dog over the stile, but preventing the dog from running straight through. You simply lift the dog way to allow your canine through!

Bridle Gates

Bridle Gates are specifically designed for allowing safe access for horse and rider. They are slow closing and self-latching to ensure no injury comes to either party. They also have specifically heightened latch operated opening system to enable horseback riders to remain mounted whilst passing through. The Milton Keynes 1.2m has a positive slow self-close, meaning that whilst it closes slowly to ensure no injury, it shuts firmly even in high winds or through overgrown vegetation. The Chiltern 1.5m Bridle Gate has slow self-closing which can be set to the desired speed and two-way opening options.