Bridle Gates

Bridle paths and bridleways often require specialist gates to ensure the safety of both horse and rider, as well as the safety of your livestock or protection of your crop. If your land has right of way access including bridleway access (or access to cyclists), then our bridle gates are perfect for keeping users safe and allowing easy access whilst preventing free roaming! Our bridle gates are made of quality galvanised steel to prevent rust or unnecessary wear and tear. Included in our range is a self-closing bridle gate designed to allow safe and easy passage (particularly for those horses who aren’t so happy to stand around whilst you close the gate!) as well as a two-way opening gate model. All of our models have the option of an extended handle which provides an easy way to open the gate on horseback. If you would like to find out more about our bridle gates or discuss your needs, contact us online or call your nearest depot on 03330 050115.

  1. Chiltern 1.5m Bridle Gate
    Chiltern 1.5m Bridle Gate
    From: £465.31 £387.76