Wooden Gates for Entrances, Farms, and Livestock

McVeigh Parker stock hundreds of wooden gates across our eight nationwide depots available in a range of styles and sizes. We also offer made-to-measure bespoke gates, should you require something specific. Ideal for property entrance gates, as farm fence gates or even for penning in livestock, our wooden gates come in both the standard Universal and Yeoman curved design, to add a touch of elegance to your entrance. Universal wooden gates come in soft and hardwood and can be hung as either single-leaf or double-leaf gates depending on the size of your entrance. Yeoman gates similarly come in Iroko hard and softwood depending on your style and durability requirements. You can browse our wooden gate stock below, or take a look at the other styles of gate we have available. You can also speak to a member of our experienced team if you need any assistance with your gate selection.

  1. Universal Wooden Gate
    Wooden Gates
    From: £119.60 £99.67
  2. Yeoman Wooden Gate
    Yeoman Wooden Gates
    From: £273.31 £227.76
  3. Heavy Bottom Rail Wooden Gate
    Heavy Bottom Rail Wooden Gate
    From: £124.81 £104.01
  4. Palisade Gates
    Wooden Pale Gates
    From: £66.10 £55.08
  5. Closeboard Gate
    Closeboard Gates
    From: £101.08 £84.23