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Gripple Plus Wire Joiner

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Gripple Plus Wire Joiner
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  • Join and tension in one
  • Available in 4 sizes to suit all fences
  • Save time installing and repairing fence lines

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About product

Gripple Plus wire joiners are part of a comprehensive range of wire joiners and tensioners to suit a variety of fence wires, trellis and support wires.

Sizes available

  • Small – Used to join plain wire and install lightweight stock netting. Suits 1.40 mm - 2.20 mm wire and a load up to 300 kg
  • Medium – Used as an in-line joiner or as an end anchor for stock fencing, high tensile barbed wire and plain wire. Suits 2.00 - 3.25mm mild steel / 2.00 - 2.85mm high tensile steel / 2 x 1.7/2.0mm high tensile barbed wire and a load up to 400 kg
  • Large – used as an in-line joiner or as an end anchor for stock fencing and plain wire. Suits 3.25 mm - 4.20 mm wire and a load up to 600 kg
  • Jumbo - used as an in-line joiner or as an end anchor for stock fencing, fruit trellising and plain wire. Suits 2.50 mm - 3.15 mm wire and a load up to 600 kg
  • Barbed COMING SOON - specifically designed to grip the unique undulating shape of barbed wire.  Thanks to corrosion resistant ceramic wedges and rollers, they provide a long lasting joint which is secure for the lifetime of your fence

Health and Safety recommend that the correct Personal Protective Equipment is worn when using this product.

Join and tension in one

  • 4 times faster than knotting and other traditional methods 
  • The simple push fit maintains the inherent strength of the wire 
  • High load holding 
  • Easy maintenance - one-way movement always allows for re-tensioning 
  • High grade ceramic roller for optimum corrosion resistance 
  • Adjustment feature, can be re-tensioned year after year 
  • Use with the Gripple Torq Tensioning Tool or all steel contractors tensioning tool for easy installation


  • Always leave a wire tail of at least 75 mm to allow for re-tensioning 
  • Secure tail wires with the Gripple Twisters or tape to prevent sharp ends protruding
  • If the Gripple unit is pushed onto the wire too far, release the pressure then use the setting key to allow the unit to move backwards
  • When tensioning wire netting it is advisable to tension half in one direction then continue in the opposite direction, this way you retain an even pressure and control the mesh pattern, the idea being to end up with a mesh size similar to the net
  • An alternative to using blue gripple twisters is to finish with a long tie off which will allow re-tensioning at a later date, whilst not leaving any protruding ends
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